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Mr. Darius Little

Mr. Darius Little is a native North Carolinian who is an Executive Consultant based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He is the owner and founder of Little's Executive Business Consulting; a professional Consulting Firm specializing in Business Development, Government Relations, Infrastructural Management, Marketing and Political Consulting. 

Darius is a member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC where he is an active, consistent and devoted member.  Darius can be found in Sunday School, Bible Study, Prayer Meeting and somewhere participating in volunteer activities within both his Church and the Charlotte Community at-large. 

He is also a member of countless social, civic and professional organizations in Charlotte and across the State of North Carolina.

Darius spent the majority of his life as a Democratic Operative. He worked extremely hard for Barack Obama and his Campaign Election and also has received countless awards and various forms of recognition for over a decade of consistent volunteerism and community service, mentoring of at-risk youth in NC Public Schools, precinct-building ability and for setting both political and civic fundraising records as a Young Democrat.  

Darius has had a very exciting career, having worked in a District Attorney's Office, the NC Senate (Hon. Jeanne Lucas), NC House of Representatives (Hon. Earline Parmon) and for the NC Governor's Office, assisting with both the review and execution of State Grants for the NC Department of Justice under Governor Mike Easley.  Darius has also worked at the Chapel-Hill Carrboro YMCA and worked as a School Counselor at Mary Scroggs Elementary School in Chapel Hill's Southern Village Neighborhood, where he was loved by all parents and families alike.

One of Darius' most proud acts of service were the years he spent as a Council Member on the Workforce Development Board's Youth Council, in Research Triangle Park (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill), where he became known as a very attentive and detail-oriented Council Member.  Under Darius' participation and leadership, millions of dollars were prudently distributed throughout the Triangle area to organizations that served at-risk populations, including disadvantaged youth, single mothers and ex-offenders.  Darius demanded that all Contractors be prepared and worked to ensure that Community Programs were effective.  The Youth Council was formed under the Federal Workforce Investment Act ("WIA") by President Bill Clinton.

Politically, Little is now a registered Republican, after becoming frustrated with the current state of  "The Far Left" leaning Democratic Party and its seeming obsession with illegal immigration and such other social issues, which Darius firmly believes disadvantages hardworking, legal American Citizens of all backgrounds.  

Darius loves running, lifting weights, reading, strategizing, attending athletic events and playing with his dog, Bella.